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The Wandering DP LUT Collection: Volume #1 - The Foundation Pack

  • This is my personal collection of LUTs that I use day in and day out on when working with digital cinema cameras. 

    In this download you will receive 10 custom LUTs that I have modified for very specific use cases.

    These are NOT LUTs intended to be thrown on footage after a shoot.  I use these to help make the proper lighting and color decisions while on set and in post to make sure the intended image characteristics are maintained from capture to finish.  

    The custom LUTs in this collection are designed for professional sets and camera systems.  Each LUT has been designed to help you maximize the sensor's inherent attributes to deliver the best possible images depending on the situation.  

    If you understand the value of camera based LUTs then this unique set of tools should prove more than valuable.

    *** Although these LUTs were designed to be used with the Arri Alexa Camera Family they can also be used on any digital cinema camera that records in LOG.  There may be tweaking required but the underlying framework will remain.

  • Included in this download are 10 custom .cube LUTs designed to be used in camera.

    The LUTs included:
    1. S&D - The in camera/post workhorse for all my commercial projects.  This is my go to LUT for neutral looks.
    2. Hello_Darkness_4300 - Perfect for night interiors/exteriors or whenever you want to preview dark images but retain a healthy digital negative.
    3. REC709_Under - When you want neutral colors but moodier images with a healthy negative.
    4. REC709_Contrast - For situations that require more contrast in camera/post but you still want a neutral base.
    5. Light_Sensitve_Neutral_2 - Perfect for contrasty scenes with hot backlight (ie bright sunny exteriors)
    6. RB_No_Clip - Pushes the RED & Blue Channels and is super sensitive.  Use to keep a contrasty scene from clipping.  
    7. 5600_ND_Neutral - A great LUT for using heavy ND in bright exterior settings.
    8. Agency_Flat - Going for a dark look? This is a flat LUT ideal for passing on to video village.
    9. Agency_Stretch - Did someone ask for more pop or more color?  Perfect for client/agency when you want to retain a better negative.
    10. 5600_Day_Film - A light sensitive LUT ideal for getting a strong look in camera while retaining a thick negative.
  • These LUTs have been designed for in camera & post production usage. 

    If you are using these LUTs only in post you are missing out on the true power of a LUT based workflow.

    Most modern digital cinema cameras allow users to load .cube based LUTs as well as many software programs.

    - DaVinci Resolve

    - Premiere Pro

    - Assimilate Scratch

    - After Effects

    - & many more...